Cloud Optimization for Edge-to-AI Analytics

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Cloudera office at 525 Market Street, 31st Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

Kubernetes, serverless clusters and pod-driven autoscaling are all techniques for driving down cloud costs and lowering the operational expense and overhead of running your business-critical applications in the public or private cloud. SpotInst has the tools and skills to help.

Analytics modeling, machine learning and data science are enabling deeper insights into business-critical data to drive better decisions.  Scaling better analytics in the cloud is a race to success.  Cloudera has the platform and knowledge to help.

This special event will focus on how to accelerate your company's success by addressing both topics simultaneously.  The savings generated by lower cloud costs and operational expense can be reinvested to drive faster adoption of new analytics and machine learning capabilities.  Together, cost-cutting business goals are achieved while your data insights scale up more quickly.

This interactive session explores the best practices for obtaining substantial cost savings using cloud while accelerating your unique business intelligence through better analytics.  We welcome your attendance and please bring a colleague.

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The modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud

DevOps Automation That Saves You Time And Money 

Big Data Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

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Event Agenda:

4:30-5:00:   Check-in and Mingle with snacks and drinks

5:00-5:30:   Cloud optimization and cost-cutting techniques 

5:30-6:00:   Edge-to-AI analytics and machine learning in the cloud

6:00-6:30:   Use case examples with Q&A

6:30-7:00:   Networking and Closing

Attendee Price - $199

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or simply call our offices to make other arrangements


Wednesday, April 3rd

Event Date:

Wed, April 3rd

4:30 - 7:00pm

Knowledge Sharing

Snacks and Drinks

Best Practices